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Polo Green by Ralph Lauren Men's Fragrances

Polo Green by Ralph Lauren Mens Fragrances

A refreshing, earthy scent just for men, Polo Green is more than a traditional, masculine fragrance. Inspired by the rich heritage of the thoroughbred sport, its scent blends notes of wood, tobacco, and luxurious leather. If youre a man who enjoys a timeless scent or you have an appreciation for the classic reputation of the Ralph Lauren Polo line, you might enjoy the clean, crisp scent of this ruggedly appealing fragrance.

What notes are used in Polo Green cologne?

The green, woody fragrance of this cologne features top notes of basil, cumin, and juniper with carnation, pine, and thyme at its heart. The base notes of amber, moss, and patchouli round out the fragrance.

How do you apply Polo Green cologne?

  • Shower first: Ideally, jump in the shower before applying. The eau de toilettes scent will stick around a lot better when you start with a clean surface.
  • Moisturize: Your scent grabs onto softer, pliant skin easily. Use a moisturizing body wash in the shower, or use a scent-free lotion afterward.
  • Before you dress: Apply the Polo fragrance before you dress. The fragrance will smell better on your skin than it will on your clothing.
  • Application: Hold the bottle several inches away from where you want to apply the fragrance. If you wet the skin, you are holding the bottle too close. Apply evenly.
  • Hair: You can spritz the scent onto a hairbrush and transfer the fragrance to your hair for a lighter scent.

How do you make the scent last long?

  • Apply Polo to pulse points: Pulse points are areas of the body where heat is generated. The heat activates the cologne, giving the top notes a boost. These points include the area behind the ears, the neckline and collar area, inside the elbows, behind the knees, and near the belly button.
  • Misting: For a lighter, evenly distributed application, spritz the cologne into the air and quickly walk through it.
  • Layering: Fragrance companies make matching products for their fragrances so that people can layer their scents. You can add a touch of fragrance to unscented lotion and apply it that way.

Where should you store your cologne?

To keep your colognes fragrance strong, store it in a cool, dark place. Keep your fragrances in an area where they are likely to be safe. Storing it in a nightstand drawer or linen closet works for many as both areas meet all the conditions of keeping fragrances in good condition.

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