Мужские свитера Polo Jeans Co.

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Polo Jeans Co. Mens Sweaters

From the cotton long-sleeved polo to the knit cardigan, Ralph Lauren combines quality materials with classic designs to create clothing for all occasions. The Polo Ralph Lauren brand has existed for over 50 years, starting with ties and expanding to all areas of fashion, including the Polo Jeans Co. mens sweaters.

What are some styles of Polo Ralph Lauren pullover sweaters?

Polo Ralph Lauren pullovers come in a variety of patterns and solid colors, from classic black to bright red. Whether youre attending a professional event or a casual weekend party, there is likely to be an appropriate Ralph Lauren pullover sweater for the occasion. These are some of the styles:

  • Polo Ralph Lauren crewnecks: These are the most common type of pullover. They have a circular head hole and fit closely around the neck.
  • Ralph Lauren V-neck sweaters: These have a neck that comes to a point a few inches below the front middle neckline but is circular in the back. Frequently, dress shirts are worn underneath these sweaters.
  • Ralph Lauren sweater vests: These are basically pullover sweaters without the sleeves. These can be either crew necks or V-necks.
  • Polo Ralph Lauren henleys: These are similar to polo shirts without the collar. They are frequently lightweight and have a rounded neckline but in the center, there is a break in the fabric with a vertical placket of about three buttons.
  • Polo Ralph Lauren collar sweaters: These are designed with a collar and a slit with a placket of three buttons in the middle.
What materials are used to make Polo Ralph Lauren sweaters?

The main components of Polo Ralph Lauren shirts are cotton, merino wool, and cashmere, with nylon, sometimes added. Both cotton and wool are durable materials that are resistant to daily wear. Cotton is hypoallergenic, soft, and easy on the skin. Wool wicks away moisture, acting as an insulator, helping the body stay warm in winter and cool in warmer temperatures. Both merino and cashmere have fine fibers that create a soft, smooth garment. Polo Ralph Lauren utilizes many different knit patterns, including cable knit, paneled, waffle, and double knit.

What is the bear that is on some sweaters?

The Polo Bear is the mascot of the Polo Ralph Lauren company. The original idea was a bear standing up wearing clothes, essentially looking like the person wearing the sweater. When these Ralph Lauren sweaters gained in popularity, they designed other versions of the bear-like Cool Polo Bear, wearing all black and sunglasses, and Ski Polo Bear, who is skiing.

Does this brand offer mens cardigans?

There are many cardigans designed by Polo Ralph Lauren for men. The cardigan category includes any type of sweater that is open in the front. These can be closed with a column of large buttons or a zipper. Some shawl-type cardigans do not have fasteners and remain open. Both wool and cotton are frequently used for mens Polo Ralph Lauren cardigans.

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