Portable Home Pubs and Bars

Chrome Portable Home Pubs and Bars

A portable chrome bar or pub offers you the taste of your favorite tap beer from the convenience of your home. These bar and pub systems come with a variety of useful features and are easy to set up and maintain.

How do you choose a portable home pub?

There are several models of home pubs or bars available to you and choosing the home pub that fits your needs will depend on a number of personal preferences.

  • Most chrome home bars are designed to work with particular beer brands. If you have a favored brand such as Heineken, for example, you might consider the Heineken and Krups B90 Home Beer System.
  • While the systems for home bars and pubs perform similar functions, the overall setup can vary depending upon the version. For example, the Heineken and Krups B95 BeerTender model works with special Heineken draught keg taps and uses a refrigeration system to keep your drinks cold and fresh.
  • You may wish to match the looks of your home pub dispenser with the existing decor of your kitchen. Many BeerTap dispensers feature a sleek, minimalist design with chrome and few extraneous dials that are a match for a stainless-steel kitchen. Others feature varnished wood exteriors for a more rustic look.
How do you set up a home bar or pub?

Most tap beer dispensers come as self-contained units. However, there are still some small steps you will need to take to get your home pub apparatus ready to go. While instructions may vary from model to model, most home beer dispensers follow the same general guidelines.

  • The location of your home bar is an important consideration. You should only install your manual chrome pub in an indoor location that is a flat, dry surface and away from heat sources. Try to make sure the surface on which you rest the home pub is as level as possible.
  • Choose the brand of draught keg technology that matches the brand of your portable chrome bar.
  • When you need to replace your draught keg, you should also insert a new draught tube into the home bar. Also, make sure the power is switched on when you are replacing the keg, as most models will use this time to reset the scale and measure the amount of beer in the keg.
  • The first glass you pour from a new keg of your home bar system will be mostly foam. As this is normal, simply allow the foam to settle and continue pouring, holding the glass at an angle.
How do you maintain a home pub system?

Upkeep of your portable chrome bar requires only a few simple steps for optimal results. You should rinse out the drip tray after each use. Always clean both the interior and exterior of the home bar by hand after each use with warm water and soap.