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Privo by Clarks Women's Shoes

Privo by Clarks women’s shoes are designed to be comfortable and lightweight. They have a Soleassage massaging footbed for comfort as well as a shock-absorbing EVA insole that helps prevent unwanted friction. Clarks shoes come in a wide variety of styles and colors, including their Clarks Aria pump, Haley Stork Sports flat, and Maryjane shoes.

What should you consider when choosing shoes by Clarks?

Considering the wide variety available, choosing a Privo by Clarks shoe for women can feel overwhelming. The process can be made easier by following these steps:

  • First, consider what activity the Privo by Clarks shoe will be worn for. For winter wear, you might like to start with the Arctic line. For walking, choose the Tri line or the Asney line of sneakers. For fashion wear, look at the Aria line, for example.
  • Second, think about the type of shoe you need. Women’s Privo shoes by Clarks are available in many styles. Some of the most common shoes are the Tuvia sandal, Wave walking sneaker, Dowling slip-on sneaker, Tri sneaker and boot, and Akshi mule.
  • Third, consider the material the shoes are made from. Women’s Privo shoes by Clarks are made in a wide variety of materials, including leather, nubuck, synthetic mesh, felt, and suede. While the natural materials can be more aesthetically pleasing, synthetic materials are often more durable.
  • Finally, you will need to pick a color. Each shoe comes in a variety of hues that can be matched with various outfits.
What are some types of Privo shoes?

When shopping for Privo by Clarks women's shoes, you will find everything from mules and ballet flats to Mary Janes and winter boots. There are also clogs, riding boots, wedges, sandals, and sneakers. Examples include the Patty Nell clog, the Tamro Spice riding boot, Aisley Orchard suede wedges, the Patent T-strap sandal, and the Asney Slip-on sandal. Additional styles you might find include:

  • Arctic: Cold-weather boots with a soft lining. Versions include the Arctic Adventure, a calf-height boot; and the Arctic Glacier, a bootie. These boots are made of leather.
  • Aria: A flat slip-on style that comes in two versions: the Aria Pump and the Aria Maryjane with crisscrossed straps. These shoes are made of nubuck or synthetic material.
  • Tri: This line includes various footwear options that have distinctive soles. The shoes are made from several different materials, including leather and nubuck.
  • Tuvia: This is a fisherman-style sandal. Styles include the Maddee and the Melon.