Quintana Roo

Quintana Roo

The triathlon is a challenging sport. It is made up of three endurance sports: swimming, biking, and running. Quintana Roo, based in California, makes equipment that is designed specifically for the triathlete.

What is the history of Quintana Roo?

The founder of Quintana Roo, Dan Empfield, is a triathlete himself. When he saw the need for equipment designed specifically for the triathlon, he started his business with wetsuits. As the Quintana Roo wetsuits became prevalent at the starting lines of triathlons, Empfield began noticing that the bikes used in these events were just road bikes. Thus, his next venture was to build a bicycle designed specifically for the triathlete.As Dan Empfield began his business, he chose the name Quintana Roo after Quintana Roo, Mexico, his favorite place in the world. Quintana Roo is a state on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

What makes the Quintana Roo bicycle unique?

There are many things that make the Quintana Roo bike unique, including:

  • Material: The weight of Quintana Roo bike frames ranges from the PRsix at 2100 grams to the Felt IA at 2600 grams. On flat terrain, the weight doesn't make much difference, but on hills, with the pull of gravity, it does.
  • SHIFT+ technology: A shifting mechanism that is efficient with the wind and produces little drag.
  • Boat tail airfoil: This reduces the swirling air pockets off the back of each air tube, reducing drag.
  • Aerodynamic storage systems: Designed to enhance the boat tail airfoil. This provides needed storage while increasing aerodynamics.

How do you know which bike is right for you?

As far as size goes, Quintana Roo has a size chart that will help. The frames come in several different sizes. The smallest bike would be right for you if you are between 4'10" to 5'4". The largest size would work if you are 5'11" to 6'4". The upgraded PR series goes all the way up to riders of 6'8". However, going to a professional bike shop and being measured for fit will help you find the right size.Other things you might want to consider are the warranty and the ability to get your bike repaired as needed. Your professional bike shop should also be able to answer these questions. In addition, before you buy, try out a few bikes for yourself to be sure which one works for you.

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