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Samsung Galaxy Camera Digital SLR Cameras

Samsung Galaxy Digital Cameras

Samsung makes cameras for their Android devices and standalone cameras. As with their smartphone cameras, the companys digital cameras come with sensors, connectivity options, and high-powered lenses in lightweight packages. Samsung cameras are point-and-shoot devices with numerous image processing features that can function in low and normal light conditions.

What is a DSLR camera?

A digital SLR, or single-lens reflex, provides more flexibility when taking pictures. A DSLR camera enables the user to switch out the lenses manually and also allows the manual change of exposure and focus. DSLR cameras have a larger image sensor than ordinary digital cameras. Digital SLR response time is also much faster, enabling continuous shooting modes. Optional accessories for DSLR cameras include multiple lenses and carrying cases.

What is the difference between optical and digital zoom?

Optical technology uses a zoom lens to magnify the object. Optical zoom technology uses the magnifying power of the lens to enlarge an image before it reaches the sensor array. Digital zoom utilizes digital technology to enlarge the image of the real object. Digital zoom expands the image using extrapolation to fill up spaces with blocks of color chosen by algorithm.

Since optical zooming expands the image by gathering additional actual light from the object rather than by mathematical extrapolation, optical zoom images have higher resolution than digitally zoomed images.

Do more megapixels translate into better photo quality?

More megapixels do not automatically mean superior photo quality. Overall quality is a function of both the pixel count and the sensitivity of the image sensor array that produces the pixels. More megapixels can be used to create large prints without the appearance of pixel grain, but lower sensitivity can result in more noise and discoloration fringes in the resulting photograph.

What resolution do you need for quality photos?

It depends on the use of your photos. The minimum pixel count should be high enough that the pixels are too small to be visible to the human eye under the intended viewing conditions.

For photos to be posted for web viewing, a 640 by 480 pixel count can be used. For small sized prints, use 1600 by 1200 to 2048 by 1536. For 8 by 10 or larger prints, use a minimum 3072 by 2048.

What are the uses of Wi-Fi for a digital camera?

Samsung digital cameras offer Wi-Fi capability as an option. Wi-Fi capability allows photos from your digital camera to be instantly and directly uploaded to social media and cloud services, and sent by email, without the need to first transfer the photos to an internet-connected computer.

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