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Choose from a Selection of Samsung Laser Printers

Samsung has made a variety of laser printers over the years that fit the needs of many consumers and businesses. Whether you need a printer for a home office, small business, or a department of a major corporation, theres likely to be one here that fits your niche. You can find the right printer and learn more about it here.

How does a laser printer work?

Laser printers use a process thats similar to a photocopier to apply a dry ink to paper. It uses static electricity to create an image imprint on a rolling drum. The static makes the toner ink stick to it. As a page of paper moves over the drum, the ink is transferred to it and fused onto the paper by heated rollers. The innovation of a laser printer is to use a laser to draw the static image onto the drum as paper moves through the printer.

What are some features of laser printers?

When choosing a printer, there are a few features to look for that separate one model from another.

  • Toner cartridge capacity: Like other printers, theres an ongoing process of buying toner and paper. If you expect this to be a high-volume printer, then how many pages you can get from the toner cartridges. Most are rated for how many printed pages they should last.
  • Print speed: Again, a high-volume printer will need to be fast to keep up with the workload. Printers are usually rated at pages per minute or PPM, so you can evaluate if they can handle the volume you expect.
  • Print quality: This is usually measured in dots per inch or DPI and represents the resolution of the image the printer creates on a page. This number indicates how fine an image it can produce. If you expect to mainly print text documents, look for 300 to 600 DPI printers. Image printers can go as high as 2,400 DPI.
  • Color printing: While most of these printers are monochrome, there are color printers available for printing higher quality presentations and images.
What types of laser printers are available?

Laser printers come in three basic types.

  • Monochrome: These printers use only black ink. Theyre intended to print large volumes of text documents, and some can reach print speeds as high as 20 pages per minute.
  • Color: Color laser printers are designed for printing higher quality images and presentations. Because using several colors of toner at a high resolution is a slower process, they are slower than monochrome printers, but still can often print over 10 pages per minute.
  • Multifunction: These printers combine the functionality of several different devices, such as photocopiers, flatbed scanners, and fax machines.
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