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Sequins are a fun way to bedazzle any article of clothing, especially Halloween costumes. Also called spangles, sequins come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. These embellishments can be gold, silver, blue, white, iridescent, metallic, and can even come in different shapes. These adornments are a fun way to add some shimmer when it comes to bedazzling your garments.

How are sequins sewn on?

If youve ever sewn on a button, you can easily sew these bedazzling discs on to most types of fabrics. They are sewn on the same way you would fasten buttons or beads. If youre unsure, heres a small guide:

  • Begin by getting a needle and thread ready.
  • Place the disc in the position and location you want it.
  • Bring the needle up from underneath through the fabric and through the hole in the sequin and, going across the disc, return it to the back side of the fabric.
  • Loop the ends of the thread together on the back side of the fabric to tie a knot.

How do you remove sequins from a dress?

It can be difficult and time-consuming to remove these bedazzled gems from clothing. To remove the accents from a dress or garment, you will need a seam ripper. Follow these steps:

  • On the back of the fabric, look for the thread attaching the sequin to the fabric.
  • Grab a the seam ripper and carefully cut the thread thats attaching the sequin to the fabric.

If the discs are secured using a chain type of stitch, you may be able to remove entire rows at a time. If the discs are secured individually, you will have to remove them one by one.

What is sequin art?

Sequin art is when you use the glittery adornments to give color, texture, and sparkle to a drawing. Many artists use them to craft images. They can be simple and easy for children to do, or they can be very intricate. Your options of decorating with these sparkly circles are endless. It just depends on the artistic skill and patience of a person as each one needs to be individually placed. Because these decorations come in different sizes and can add texture to your art, they can bring your images to life. For example, using a variety of blue sequins can add interest to water. Rather than sew them on, most artists prefer to use small dabs of glue to secure them to paper. This is also a slightly more practical approach for a childrens art project.