Компьютерные чехлы SilverStone

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SilverStone Computer Cases

When building a computer, it's important to prioritize quality to produce something that's long-lasting and reliable. With that considered, a SilverStone computer case can be an option for housing a computer's internal components. The product is created to be strong and sleek with a case out that can protect a computer that lives harmoniously with its power supply.

What are SilverStone computer cases made of?

SilverStone cases are designed to be fairly durable and limit damage to the computer. All models are made of hard plastic or aluminum built to protect the delicate internal pieces from external wear and tear. Additionally, many plastic models come with a steel front panel, meaning the largest area of the case is given extra protection against damage. Even remote models with a transparent front plastic covering are useful when it comes to protection as the transparent plastic is nearly as strong as the opaque covering the rest of the case.

What kind of features do SilverStone cases include?

All of the company's cases come with an integrated power button and two USB 3.0 Type-A ports and audio and microphone ports. Beyond that, the exact features will depend on the type of case that is purchased and the drive that the user owns. Many come pre-made with other features, such as built-in cooling fans or drive and card bays. Certain models even feature a motherboard.

How do you open up a SilverStone case?

SilverStone makes its cases very easy to get into, whether it is for replacing or adding new parts or to perform simple maintenance. Most cases come with a hinged door on one side that can be locked and unlocked at will, making it easier to open the case.

How efficient is the airflow inside the computer case?

Airflow is a very important factor in protecting the computer’s hard drive and avoiding potential issues that can develop over time. SilverStone cases are designed to be exceptional when it comes to the quality of airflow. Many models come pre-made with several extremely efficient high-end 120mm fans, which can significantly lower the internal temperature. Additionally, the ergonomic design of the cases is created to promote better flow overall within the device, helped by the abundance of small openings across multiple sides of the case.

What colors of SilverStone cases can you purchase?

SilverStone computer cases come in several colors and media styles, letting the customer personalize the look of the finished setup in a number of ways. Black, silver, gray, white, and even pink are all standard colors as are certain other models that combine two or more of these colors. Others are a special black and red graphics variant.