Snowmobile Accessories

When riding a snowmobile, accessories are available to make you safer, more comfortable, or protect the sensitive parts of the vehicle. Accessories for these vehicles are designed to improve the weather protection and lifespan of key parts, such as the engine and headlights. These parts are made by the original equipment manufacturers and independent manufacturers and are designed with both style and functionality in mind.

What are the types of snowmobile accessories?
  • Dollies: Dollies are a type of accessory that are used to load or unload the snowmobile onto a ramp for transporting it to the place where you want to ride it. Dollies are also useful for lifting up the vehicle if you need to make repairs or perform maintenance on it.
  • Lights: Accessory lights supplement the headlights that are already on the Yamaha or Polaris snowmobile. The lights typically clamp on and can be removed when you no longer need them. They use light emitting diodes as the light source and run from the power of an attached rechargeable battery pack. They make your Yamaha or Polaris snowmobile more visible and improve your visibility when driving it at night.
  • Ice scratchers: Ice scratchers serve to break up hard packed snow underneath your snowmobile, releasing it backwards behind the vehicle. This ultimately helps keep your ride smoother and keeps the heat exchangers from getting too warm.
  • Bags and storage: When traveling around via snowmobile, you’ll want a way to securely carry your belongings with you. You can find a number of different styles of bags that attach to your snowmobile in various places, such as in front of your handlebars. You can even find storage options for keeping food warm on your snowmobile.
What materials are accessories for snowmobiles made from?
  • Plastic: Plastic accessories and parts include light housings, luggage holders, belts, and similar parts. Plastic is known for its light weight, range of colors, and customized sizes and designs.
  • Metal: Metal accessories for Yamaha and Polaris snowmobiles, such as plows for the front, help to enhance the vehicles functionality. Metal may also be found in the clamps for accessory lights. Bumper hatches and other parts are also constructed from steel alloy or stainless-steel metals.
  • Glass: Shatterproof glass is often used to cover the light emitting diodes for extra lighting units on handlebars of the snow vehicles. Global positioning systems for the vehicles often have a glass screen with touchscreen functionality.