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Sony Camera Camcorder Batteries

Common Questions About Sony NP-BG1 Camera Batteries

Digital camera batteries based on lithium-ion technology are long-lasting, but they do reach the end of their lifespan and require replacement. Its also handy to have one or more spare batteries that you can swap out of your camera and keep shooting when a battery is drained. eBay has a huge selection of NP BG1 batteries for you to choose from when youre in need of some.

Which Sony cameras does the NP-BG1 battery fit?

Sonys NP-BG1 Type G battery is used by several Cyber-shot digital cameras. Below is a list of some of the digital camera models that use it:

  • DSC-W190
  • DSC-S780
  • DSC-S980
  • DSC-S750
  • DSC-S950
What are the signs that a battery needs replacing?

Lithium-ion batteries will begin to fail after a year or two depending on how often you recharge them. Below are some of the common symptoms of a battery that is failing:

  • Doesnt recharge: If a battery isnt able to reach a full charge in the time it usually takes to recharge, or if it doesnt fully recharge at all, this is a warning sign that its near the point of failure.
  • Drains too fast: Youll notice a failing battery will go dead much faster than normal when it reaches the end of its useful life. The amount of time it remains charged will quickly decrease until it doesnt hold a charge at all.
  • Overheats in the camera: When lithium ion batteries fail, they will sometimes suffer an internal short circuit that can cause a sudden discharge. Batteries can reach high temperatures when this happens, which you might notice holding the camera.
Does connecting a camera to a computer recharge the battery?

Sony Cyber-shot cameras are designed to recharge the battery when you connect their USB port to a power supply like a computer or wall charger. Many cameras will power off while charging, and using a charging unit may recharge the battery faster. Be sure to check with your cameras documentation for the correct procedure to follow when recharging batteries.

What is a lithium-ion battery?

A lithium-ion battery uses a rechargeable battery technology that’s named after the type of ion used to store electricity via a chemical reaction. This type of battery is popular for portable electronics that need a constant supply of electricity because they can continue to function for well over 200 recharges in some cases.

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