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Get an Updated Sound System for Your Car with Soundstream

It may be time for a change to your car audio system when the sound starts to lose its clarity. You can always upgrade your components for enhanced sound quality. Soundstream is the company that can meet your car stereo system needs.

Where can you install an amp in the car?

You can install the amplifier in multiple places in your vehicle. The most common area is in the rear cargo area. Since car space is valuable, you want to make sure that your amplifier is not taking up too much room in the trunk. You should also think about how you are going to secure the equipment. Amps have sensitive components that can become damaged if not fastened down.

There are a few options on where you can install the amp. They include:

  • Under a seat
  • In the trunk
  • In the side door firewall
How many channels should you buy for an amplifier?

You should see how much equipment you need to power. The number of channels is going to depend on how many components you have in your stereo system. You will need one channel for each speaker you want to amplify. If you have a subwoofer, it will be connected to the mono channel on the amp. Soundstream has amps available in two, four, or six channels. Some pieces of your audio system can share channels, but that often is not advisable. You want to have the full amount of power going to each unit.

What components are connected to the amp?

The amplifier plays an important role in the car stereo system. It boosts the signal to provide a clearer sound. Many components are connected to this piece of equipment. First, the speakers will need to have a channel dedicated to them. If you have four speakers, you will need at least four channels. Another component that requires an amp is the subwoofer. This part can run on an amp with the speakers since it does not require much power.

How much wattage is required for the amp?

For a car audio system to sound clear, you will need a powerful amplifier. Find out the RMS value of your speakers. You will need to choose an amp that can put out 75 to 150% of this number. It is always recommended to have a little more power in your audio system than to underpower it.

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