Spider-Man Action Figures

Spider-Man Action Figures

Marvel Spider-Man action figures are related to the Amazing Spider-Man comic book and the Spider-Man movies. These figures feature highly detailed Spider-Man suits, bold spider web patterns, detailed muscles, and the signature costume. You can find both contemporary and classic Spider-Man figures in new or slightly used condition easily on eBay.

What types of Marvel Spider-Man action figures are there?

Many of the Amazing Spider-Man costume options from the films and comic books are available as action figures. Some of the choices you can find include:

  • Original - The original Spider-Man figure wears the classic red and blue outfit. This style is a very common version of Spider-Man figure.
  • Avengers Infinity War - Featuring his appearance in the movie, the Infinity War version of Spider-Man may also include the attachable spider legs seen in the movie.
  • Venom - Clad in a black suit with a prominent white Venom logo, this is the version that made its debut when Venom attempted to take control of Spider-Man. Figures of Venom himself are also available.
  • Carnage - Carnages Revoltech incarnation is one that you will see often.
  • Miles Morales - A beloved version of Spider-Man, figures with Miles Moraless color scheme can also be found on eBay.
  • Cosmic Spider-Man - Featuring a unique blue, red, and white color scheme, Cosmic Spider-Man lives up to his name. This figure may also come with additional heads to switch between masked and unmasked.
What features can these Spider-Man figures have?

Depending on the figure, a number of Amazing Spider-Man accessories may be included. A few of these include:

  • Web Shooters - Some toys allow users to swap out Spider-Mans web shooters. In order to accomplish this, Spider-Mans hands can be detached and replaced with fists, open palms, or hands shaped for swinging on Spideys webs. Some figures also come with webs that light up.
  • Accessories - A traditional Marvel figure bundle may come packaged with props such as Peter Parkers backpack or extra weapons such as missile shooters.
  • Preprogrammed Phrases - There are also some figures that come preprogrammed with catchphrases from the movies and comic books.
How tall are the Amazing Spider-Man action figures?

Many Amazing Spider-Man toys are between 2 and 12 inches tall. Giant Marvel Spider-Man toys may also be available.

What are Spider-Man action figures made of?

Officially licensed Spider-Man figures are made of plastic or PVC. The accessories that are included with Spider-Man, such as the web shooters, colored webs, and alternate heads, are also made of plastic or PVC. Some of the Spider-Man figures are made to have movable joints and have the flexibility to strike a wide variety of dynamic poses without breaking.

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