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Spyder Clothing for Men

Spyder is an outdoor athletic clothing brand that offers a wide range of products. The products include daily athletic wear, coats, parkas, shells, and high-tech athletic items. Spyder specializes in the production of durable hardshell and softshell coats and jackets worn for everyday use and extreme sports.

Is the Spyder clothing company based in America?

Yes. Spyder is an American sporting jacket company based in Boulder, Colorado. This company is owned as a subsidiary of Authentic Brands Group. Originally, the Spyder brand produced competition ski and snowboarding suits and jackets. The Spyder clothing company has expanded their product range to include base layers, lightweight athletic clothes, softshell jackets, and casual to high-fashion coats and clothes.

What are the product lines offered by Spyder?
  • Race: This line of products includes the athletic bodysuits and training apparel used for professional skiing and snowboarding.
  • Legend: The Legend line offers waterproof performance jackets and pants for men.
  • Luxe: The Luxe line includes jackets and parkas for men that can be worn daily.
  • Quest: This is the main product line. It consists of ski jackets, ski pants, and accessories for winter sports.
  • Sport: This line of clothing consists of midweight hard-shell fall and winter jackets, snow pants, and other accessories.
  • Syrround: The Syrround line includes lightweight fashion outerwear and casual clothes for men such as sweaters and activewear.
  • Stryke: The Stryke line has lightweight soft-shell jackets, fleeces, vests, base layers, and mid-layers.
Does Spyder make accessories to complement their ski clothing?

Yes. Spyder offers a range of other products that are commonly used in mountain sports as well as apparel that can be worn in cold weather. Some of their other garments include gloves, mittens, hats, and headbands. These items also come as an add-on to the product line ensembles. If you have chosen a waterproof Legend jacket and pants, you may find gloves with similar characteristics to match the clothing. When you are skiing, choosing warm and dry base layers in clothing and accessories are important.

What kind of casual apparel does Spyder make?

Beyond their offerings for snowboarding and other winter sports, the Luxe and Syrround lines offer functional heavyweight and lightweight outer layers for everyday wear in styles for men. Spyder also makes everyday apparel that includes sweaters, shirts, hoodie sweaters, and athletic activewear. Their performance level outerwear items are also commonly worn as sporty everyday jackets and coats.

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