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How to Choose Laptop DMX Dongle Controllers and Dimmers

When you want to create specialty stage effects for a theater production, concert, play, or another special event, it helps to have the right type of controller. A controller and dimmer that works with your laptop allow you to stay off of the stage while controlling all of the specialty functions. On eBay, you can choose from a variety of new and used DMX light controllers and dimmers at affordable prices and with a spectrum of features and functions.

What are some features of DMX light controllers?

Some of the features of the new and used DMX light controllers on eBay include:

  • USB dongle: It works in any USB port.
  • DMX dongle: This fits into any 3-pin DMX dongle on a compatible lighting device.
  • Built-in software: The controllers have their own software. The software automatically updates when the laptop is connected to the internet.
  • Operating system compatibility: They work with Mac OS, iOS, and different versions of Windows.
What are the functions of a DMX light controller?

The available functions of a DMX light controller and dimmer dongle include:

  • Colors: The controllers can change the color of the lights.
  • Flashing: The devices can initiate flashing of the lights.
  • Brightness: The dimmers are able to change the brightness of the lights.
  • Audio: These units can turn the audio on or off, make it louder or quieter, or change the music.
  • Effects: The controllers can change the lighting effects, such as beam to strobe.
What are the compatibility options for a DMX light controller?

The compatible devices that work with a DMX light controller and dimmer dongle include:

  • Microphones: The devices can be used to control microphones.
  • Bluetooth: These devices may have Bluetooth compatibility.
  • Lights: They work with individual LED, fluorescent, laser, and incandescent lights.
  • Music consoles: They work with different brands of analog and digital music mixing consoles.
  • Light banks: They can control entire arrays of lights.
How do you choose a DMX light controller on eBay?

When you are shopping on eBay for a DMX light controller and dimmer, consider its:

  • Brand: Some of the available brands include American DJ, Jands, and Enttec.
  • Number of channels: The options range from 4 to 384 channels.
  • Operating system compatibility: Select a dongle controller or dimmer that works with a Mac, a PC, or both.
  • Connectivity: Choose plug-in, wired, or wireless dongles and controllers.
  • Condition: There are new, used, manufacturer's refurbished, and replacement parts available.