Stash Box

Stash Box

Whether decorative or functional, a stash box can be a part of home storage and personal security. Boxes are typically designed to store small items or tobacco products. Some boxes feature decorative elements.

What is a stash box?

A stash box is a small to medium-sized handheld container sometimes made of wood or metal. The size of a box can vary. Some boxes are small, approximately the size of a tin for candy or mints, while others are the approximate dimensions of a standard dictionary. Some stash boxes feature locks or concealed drawers.

What are stash boxes used for?

As their name implies, these boxes are intended to "stash" or conceal small personal belongings. These may include jewelry, keys, or sentimental items. A box may also be used for storing tools or products related to smoking or vaping tobacco, such as tobacco, papers, vaping pens, liquid, trays, or cigarette lighters.

What factors should you consider when buying a stash box?
  • Material: A stash box is typically made from a variety of materials, most often wood or metal.
  • Decoration: Some boxes feature decorative elements. A wood box is sometimes carved or painted, or decorated with a wood-burning design. A metal box may have a painted lid and sides. Some boxes feature designs of plants or flowers. However, a stash box can also be unadorned.
  • Size: Consider the items you intend to store in your stash box. The box should be of a size sufficient to accommodate your valuables. Some boxes offer specific divided compartments or lift-out trays to store items of varying shapes and sizes.
  • Portability: A smaller box the size of a deck of playing cards may fit in a purse or pocket. However, a larger box may secure a greater number of valuable items.
What are some security features of stash boxes?
  • Camouflage: Some stash boxes are designed to resemble common household items. For example, a stash box may look like a book on a shelf, a can of soup, or a box for a board game.
  • Security: Some boxes offer security features, including keyed locks or combination locks. Others feature concealed compartments, false bottoms, or hidden drawers. Some may be designed as a puzzle box.
  • Insulation: For tobacco storage, some insulated or airtight stash boxes are intended to minimize some degree of moisture loss or odor transmission.
  • Durability: Evaluate the degree of protection the box will offer the items inside if it is dropped or jostled.