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From Fairway to Green: TaylorMade Fairway Wood Golf Clubs

Being able to reach the green from the fairway with your second shot is the key to lower golf scores. The TaylorMade fairway wood golf clubs for sale on eBay include 3-woods, 5-woods, and hybrids made for players of all skill levels. Both amateur and professional golfers trust TaylorMade fairway woods for distance and accuracy.

Which types of affordable TaylorMade fairway wood golf clubs are available?

On eBay you can find TaylorMade fairway wood golf clubs sets, which include a mix of fairway clubs. It is also possible to purchase individual fairway woods to complete the set of clubs you already own. TaylorMade fairway woods are available in various models, including these favorites:

  • TaylorMade Fairway Wood Golf Clubs AeroBurner
  • TaylorMade Fairway Wood Golf Clubs M
Things to know about TaylorMade fairway woods

Fairway woods from TaylorMade are clubs designed to hit long golf shots from the fairway. They are used by golfers who have limited distance off the tee. A fairway wood can provide more distance than an iron. There are three types of fairway woods manufactured by TaylorMade:

  • 3-wood: This club is preferred for middle-distance shots such as second approach shots on par-five holes. It can also be used to drive long par three holes from the tee.
  • 5-wood: This club is chosen for shorter distances such as approach shots to a par four. If you lack swing speed it can also be used to drive a par three.
  • Hybrid fairway wood: These are the most recent additions to the TaylorMade line of golf clubs. Hybrids merge elements of irons and woods to give you more versatility in a golf club.
What types of shafts are available on new or used TaylorMade fairway woods?

Most shafts for fairway woods from TaylorMade are constructed of graphite. However, shafts are available in different styles. A stiff graphite shaft will tend to give you more accuracy over your fairway shots, while a more flexible shaft will allow for greater distance.

Essential things to consider in TaylorMade fairway woods

When choosing from TaylorMade fairway woods for sale on eBay, give consideration to the following points:

  • The degree of loft: More loft will give you greater height to clear water or other hazards.
  • The clubhead construction: Some TaylorMade fairway wood models, such as AeroBurner, allow for clubhead replacement. You may also be able to adjust the loft of some fairway woods. Other clubheads may be fixed and not permit adjustments.
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