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Tom Ford Unisex Fragrances

What to Expect From Tom Ford Unisex Fragrances

Tom Ford is a leading manufacturer of fragrances, perfume and beauty products for men and women. Originally a famed clothing designer, the brand released the Black Orchid fragrance for women in 2007 which was well received by consumers, including about 30 percent of men. Now this fashion house a catalog of more than 40 fabulous fragrances, most of which are unisex.

What is the Difference Between Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette?

Tom Ford fragrances are much stronger, as they are designated eau de parfum rather than eau de toilette. Eau de Parfum are:

  • Stronger: Containing up to 20 percent concentration of oil, they last longer and may feature more pronounced notes.
  • Longer Lasting: This means the scent can last for much longer. Ea de Parfum can be smelled for up to 5-8 hours on average, while EDT can be smelled for around 3 hours.

What Fragrances Are in the Signature Line and Private Blend Collection?

Some of the top selling scents in the Signature Line and Private Blend Collection are based on elements such as wood, patchouli, tobacco, musk, orchid, noir, leather, and salty sea. Both of these ranges cater to different types of consumers and price points.

  • The Private Blend range makes use of a single note which is surrounded by carefully chosen secondary notes, and the range can be used by both men and women. The scents are perfect for suiting various moods due to their complexity and originality. It is also popular amongst fragrance enthusiasts. The range is distinguished by the small, dark brown glass bottles.
  • The Signature Line range was introduced in 2006 and it consists of a range of fragrances for everyday use, including the popular Black Orchid fragrance. They are widely available and slightly less expensive, with various colorful bottle designs.

How Should These Fragrances be Stored?

It is important that fragrances are stored properly in order to preserve the molecules and keep them smelling great. High-quality fragrances can last for many years if they are stored correctly. Fragrances should be stored in:

  • Cool conditions: Many people store their fragrances in a cupboard cabinet. You should choose a room that does not receive significant fluctuations in temperature. This will prevent your fragrance from evaporating and being damaged by heat.
  • Dark place: Sunlight is extremely damaging to fragrances. It is recommended that fragrances be stored in their original box in an upright position. Dark drawers or cupboards are ideal.

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