Trotters Shoes for Women

Trotters shoes for women offer boots, sandals, casual shoes, dress shoes, and pumps. Materials range from leather to embroidery. Colors have a range too, going from solids like black, cream, and white, to leopard prints and florals.

What colors and patterns are available?

Most of the Trotters shoe patterns for women come in neutral shades of black, brown, beige, and cream in materials like leather or textiles. However, shoes like the blue-metallic Estee pump or the red perf Mary Jane are more colorful. Some models are two-toned or have small details, while others are one uniform tone.

What styles are available in Trotters for women?

Trotters women’s shoes come in boots, casual, dress, sandals, and signature models.

Below Zero boots feature black or brown shoes in suede leather. They have a lace-up closure in addition to zipper access next to the laces for an even quicker on and off. A low heel and texturized sole provide traction. Light, soft fur around the ankle provides warmth.

The Josie flat is available in three different colors of brushed leather and shiny lizard material. Two elastic straps help to keep feet in place, and a molded non-slip sole helps with traction. This style is compatible with casual or more businesslike attire.

The Estee Woven flat is available in navy, dark red, black, and tan. A pointed toe with checkered weaving provides detail and some texture to the leather finish. Virtually no heel at all makes these shoes level. They come in a variety of widths.

These are just a few of the Trotters shoe styles available for women.

What materials are used to manufacture Trotters for women?

Materials including leather, suede, and elastic are combined to create Trotters for women. Some of their sandals have a rubber sole. Materials vary based on shoe style and anticipated season for wear.

What sizes are available in Trotters shoes for women?

Most shoes are available in women’s sizes five through twelve, and some are available in different widths, like medium, narrow, super slim, wide, and wide-wide.

How do you clean Trotters for women?

Specific directions differ depending on the shoe: whether it is a boot or sandal, cleaning instructions will be different. Directions will vary based on materials.

What is some of the history behind the Trotters company?

In 1935, Trotters sold their first pair of shoes: a pair of moccasins. From moccasins, Trotters expanded their footwear to encompass boots, sandals, and more.

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