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Underwater Camera Fishfinders Buying Guide

Sometimes, you need a little extra help when you go fishing in order to avoid a fruitless afternoon on the water. Underwater fishing cameras can provide that assistance to make a regular fishing trip bountiful. There are a variety of affordable underwater camera fishfinders available on eBay that make buying these devices a hassle-free experience.

Finding the right underwater fishing camera

In order to select the right underwater camera fishfinder, you need to consider exactly what your intended use is. Different systems work best in different environments. For example, some more durable systems may be best suited for saltwater system, which subjects a camera to tougher elements than freshwater. In addition, you will have to weigh the desirability of the extra "nice-to-have" features against your budget, striking the right balance between affordability and getting the job done.

Things that differentiate fishfinders
  • Battery life - The cameras operate on batteries. You will want to find a unit with as high-powered of a battery as possible so you can use it for an entire day.
  • Screen size - Some users may find it easier to see what they need to with a larger screen.
  • Durability - Since this system operates in difficult conditions, you will want to find a system that can withstand the rigors of use.
  • Cable length - The longer the cable, the deeper the water in which this system can be used.
What are some brands that offer fishfinders

Some of the available brands of underwater fishfinder cameras are listed here:

  • Anysun underwater fish finder - This is a professional fishing camera with a 7-inch full color screen. It works in up to 15 meters of water. The camera can work both day and night.
  • Eyoyo underwater fishing camera - This version has a larger 9-inch screen with a high-definition camera. This system can work in up to 50 meters of water. The camera and screen are encased in metal housing for extra durability.
  • Marcum VS825SD - This unit has an 8-inch screen with 75 feet of cable. This product can be calibrated for use between saltwater and freshwater. The fish-shaped camera blends in well with the surroundings.
  • Vanxse TFT LCD Sony - This is a higher-end unit that has 30 meters of cable with a remote control. The camera can be rotated and can give you a wide-angle view of the water. The unit is housed in a durable case.