Keep Your Phone Ready to Use With a Verizon Phone Card or Data Card

Cheap Verizon prepaid cards, easily found on eBay, allow you to add minutes and data to your phone at any time, regardless of where you are. Verizon prepaid phone cards allow you to avoid having to go into the store or go online to purchase more minutes when you run out.

You can give the cards as gifts

Because you don’t need to know personal information to purchase the Verizon prepaid cards, they make great gifts to give to friends and loved ones. It’s important to know whether or not the person you plan to give it to uses Verizon as a phone carrier as the Verizon 50 refill card for sale will not work universally on all phones.

Phone cards available in different sizes

You can choose from many different sizes when choosing discount Verizon refill cards to purchase.

  • 1G-4G of usage - This is ideal if you talk on the phone every once in a while and enjoy text messaging regularly. If you use the internet sparingly, you shouldn’t go over 4G of data each month.
  • 5G-10G - This is ideal if you talk on the phone regularly, send a lot of text messages, and enjoy being on the internet often. Searching the net and sending a lot of emails will use up data quickly, so choosing a card that loads ample gigabytes of data is important.
  • Unlimited texts - If you text a lot, unlimited texting may be ideal for you. You don’t have to keep track of how many texts you send each month because you can text without limitations.
  • Unlimited data - If you spend a lot of time on the internet, it can be easy to go over your data limitations in a very short period of time. An unlimited data package can be a great option to keep you from having to worry about your data usage.
How do you add the data to your phone?

When you find a seller on eBay who is selling Verizon prepaid cards, he or she should provide all the necessary information. All you have to do is call the number on the back of the card or go in the app on your phone. You then enter in the information on the back of the Verizon phone cards, including the PIN code, to add minutes and data to your card. If the card is emailed to you, you will receive all the same information so that you can enter it into your phone and start using it again right away. If you aren’t able to add it yourself, you can call the customer service number and get an agent to help you make the process easier.

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