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Victorinox Clothing for Men

Victorinox is influenced by the Swiss Army theme, which gets its inspiration from an age-old knife issued by the actual Swiss Army of Switzerland. The style and purpose of apparel by Victorinox uses military themes and inspirations from cold-weather expeditions. Victorinox clothing for men results in common shirts and pants guided by the utilitarian Swiss Army identity.

What kind of clothes does Victorinox Swiss Army make?

Victorinox for men is an entire collection that features specialized items and those generally worn day-to-day. Some of their clothes include the Full Zip Woolblend Shirt Jacket, the Packable Jacket, the army green Quilted Hooded Jacket, and the Sterner Woolblend Woven Shirt. Most items offer a specific utility that brings the Swiss Army history to focus and celebrates hunting, camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

Here are some details on the items this agency produces:

  • The Button Shirt: The Victorinox Swiss Army button shirt follows tailored measurements around the neck, chest, and upper back. These are formal shirts made with wool and cotton textures and extended lapels for pant tucking. Varieties offered are wrinkle-free while others must be cared for by dry cleaning.
  • Wool Blazers: Blazers are another item that Victorinox Swiss Army clothing creates to bring diversity to its utilitarian theme. These blazers are formal but retain the rugged style of Swiss Army utility. Materials vary as well as sizes and fit. Slim and tapered fits are common for the designer's blazer.
  • The Sweatshirt: Victorinox Swiss Army sweatshirts use elbow patches and are stitched from top to bottom in some models. Cold-weather clothing is a common collection for this brand. Sweatshirts are made from many materials that include wools, cottons, and polyesters.
What materials are Swiss Army clothes made from?

Victorinox is inspired by the rugged terrains of World War II. The materials, textures, colors, and seasons are all inspired by mountain temperatures or survival in the cold. The agency’s clothes are made from denim, cotton, and breathable wool. Wool is a repeated material and is mixed with various cottons to build variety in texture. Their woolblend quilted jacket is an example. Victorinox clothing for men has loose sizing around the chest, upper back, and shoulders.

Here are some common materials:

  • Wool: Victorinox Swiss Army produces its wool strands through a variety of processes that create thick threads of wool or meshed materials. This process holds sleeves, shirt panels, sweaters, and blazers together.
  • Cotton: Victorinox cotton is often mixed with other materials. The cotton by this manufacturer is thick and adds an informal option to the Victorinox collection.
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