Vintage Christmas Collectibles (Pre-1946)

Vintage Christmas Collectibles

If you love vintage and antique Christmas decorations, then you know that you can find Christmas ornaments and collectibles to add to your collection year-round. If you are new to collecting vintage and antique Christmas collectibles, you will find information below about the various types that are available. One category of these nostalgic antique Christmas collectibles may spark your interest and become the focus of your collecting.

What are the different types of Christmas ornaments?

When choosing vintage and antique Christmas collectibles, search out the ones that help you create your own holiday story. Youll find vintage Christmas items and several categories, such as Dresdens or Putz houses, or select variations of one type of vintage Christmas item, such as Santas, reindeer, or angels. You can also select Christmas ornaments in various sizes. The following describes some available vintage Christmas items:

  • Kugels: Kugels are blown glass reflection balls that were made in Germany. They were hung from the ceiling, in windows, and in gardens and resembled earlier witch balls that were used to ward off evil spirits. The balls made from 1830 to 1840 were too heavy for the tabletop parlor Christmas trees in use at the time, but the ones made after 1855 were lighter and a better fit on Christmas trees that, by then, had begun to occupy the floor. These vintage Christmas tree ornaments were introduced in the United States in the 1880s.
  • Dresden: Dresden decorations are 2-inch to 3-inch gilded or silvered, embossed, cardboard creations in a variety of shapes that were made in Dresden, Germany. They were dampened and pressed by a die, and then the pieces were assembled into the decorations final form. All of them hang with a loop of string. They were made between 1880 and 1910, and they are very rare.
  • Putz: Putz buildings are miniature buildings covered with glitter that were popular Christmas decorations from 1928 until the 1950s. They were made in Japan.
  • Bird themed ornaments: Birds symbolized happiness and joy. They were believed to be the messengers of love and harbingers of good tidings. Most bird ornaments are mercury ornaments that clip onto the tree, and a wide selection of vintage bird ornaments are available.
  • Mercury glass ornaments: The first mercury glass ornaments were created by Hans Greiner in 1847 at his familys glassworks in Lauscha, Germany. The ornaments were formed into the shapes of nuts and fruits using a process that combined molds with hand blowing the glass.