Vintage Pabst Blue Ribbon Sign

Vintage Pabst Blue Ribbon Signs

Some people have enjoyed drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon since the companys name was changed from Pabst Select in 1898. They have used a variety of beer signs throughout the companys history. Many people choose to use these items to decorate man caves, drinking establishments, and other areas.

What are some types of vintage Pabst Blue Ribbon signs?

The company used a variety of materials throughout its history, including:

  • Wood: These signs were often hand-painted by local tavern owners in an attempt to get more business.
  • Porcelain: Many intricate designs were created on these signs that were in different geometrical shapes. While a porcelain sign was usually intended for outdoor use, some were used indoors.
  • Tin: A variety were made, as they were often changed for individual advertising campaigns. Some with cardboard backings were made for indoor use.
  • Cardboard: These signs were often made for indoor displays during special advertising campaigns. They could be displayed in numerous ways, including on top of bars and as larger stand-up displays in the corner.
  • Neon: From the first uranium green and ruby red signs to colorfully lit neon signs, the company offered many different options. Most had a porcelain-coated metal base containing neon lighting.
  • Vinyl: These large banner-size ads often hung across the front of drinking establishments.
Were there utilitarian Pabst Blue Ribbon advertising signs?

Many types of Pabst Blue Ribbon advertising signs had a useful purpose, including:

  • Calendars: These often hung on the wall displaying the date in bold numbers.
  • Thermometers: A variety of porcelain and metal thermometers were used to advertise this beer.
  • Light fixtures: Often designed to hang over pool tables, these fixtures served double-duty as they also advertised Pabst Blue Ribbon.
  • Clocks: Pabst Blue Ribbon offered several advertising clocks, ranging from simple alarm clocks showing when it was time to close to clocks with changing holographic pictures.
What were some types of Pabst Blue Ribbon advertising campaigns?

There have been many different advertising campaigns, including:

  • 1900: The first signs often showed the beer as a cure for indigestion.
  • 1913: These signs showed professionally dressed men drinking small glasses after work.
  • 1936: These signs often showed how easily the first canned Pabst Blue Ribbon could be stacked in a corner.
  • 1940: Pabst Blue Ribbon made its first baseball advertising displays.
  • 1942: Pabst Blue Ribbon started its 33 in 1 sign campaign, showing how 33 different flavors were combined to make one product.
  • 1943: The company introduced its Ribbon-ville character on Pabst Blue Ribbon signs showcasing how every legal-aged member of society could enjoy a beer.
  • 1945: Pabst Blue Ribbon introduced a series of signs showcasing athletes drinking beer.
  • 1948: Hollywood stars like Gregory Peck enjoyed the drink.
How do you choose vintage Pabst Blue Ribbon signs?Here are some things to consider when choosing a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer sign:
  • Select a type: Many different choices of vintage style sign are available, including porcelain, tin, and vinyl.
  • Select a purpose: Some vintage signs are designed to hang on the wall, while other signs have a more utilitarian purpose.
  • Select lights: Decide if you want a lighted or unlighted choice.
  • Select a size: Vintage options are available in many different sizes.
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