What You Need to Know About Wascomat Commercial Laundry Models

When you need reliable washers and dryers for a college dorm, laundromat, or hotel, you want laundry equipment that is user-friendly and long-lasting. Wascomat makes a wide variety of commercial washing and drying machines.

What types of washers and dryers does Wascomat offer?

The brand has two major lines of laundry products:

  • Coin equipment: These models are coin-operated, and they're primarily used in laundromats and similar businesses.
  • In-house equipment: These models are made for the in-house laundry rooms found in hotels, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and other such places. The in-house washing and drying models feature easy-loading features, water-saving technology, and efficient cleaning cycles.
What are the main commercial washing and drying models?

Whether you're shopping for Wascomat's coin-operated or in-house models, you can choose from models such as:

  • Solid-mount washers: These durable washers are equipped with a solid-mount suspension, which means they need to be installed on a concrete foundation.
  • Soft-mount washers: These washers use springs and shock absorbers to minimize vibrations, which means they don't have to be mounted on concrete.
  • Crossover washers: These home-style washers are a staple of laundromats because they combine extra-large load capacity with quiet operation and user-friendly features.
  • Single-pocket dryers: These standalone drying models are available in a variety of load capacities.
  • Stack dryers: Stackable twin-pocket drying models help you double your productivity.
What features do Wascomat machines have?

These machines come with features such as:

  • Compass Pro: Many of the coin-operated models come with Compass Pro, a knob that controls everything from custom programming to program selection.
  • Axial airflow: The axial airflow mechanism helps to reduce energy consumption.
  • Multi-faceted controller: Via the controller function, you can access multiple temperature settings, diagnostics, and remaining drying time.
  • Lint screen: The lint screens are easy to remove and clean.
What sizes do these Wascomat machines come in?

The brand makes washing and drying models with a variety of capacities, including:

  • Washers: 20-pound, 30-pound, 45-pound, 65-pound, 80-pound, 135-pound
  • Dryers: 22-pound, 30-pound, 67-pound, 83-pound, 100-pound, 135-pound