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Wireless DMX Transmitter Buying Guide

DMX wireless gives users an alternative to cables and cords when controlling their lighting systems. Many types of wireless DMX transmitters are available for consumers. On eBay, buyers can find a large variety of affordable wireless DMX transmitters available for purchase.

Why should customers use a wireless DMX transmitter?

When running an event that requires multiple lights, users will often have to deal with a confusing tangle of cords and cables. When running the events wirelessly, users will be able to cut down on preparation time for the event. DMX is the communications protocol that provides a common basis for lighting controllers to communicate with lighting devices. Using a DMX wireless system and a wireless DMX controller will allow users to control their lighting using a wireless DMX transmitter and a DMX receiver. By purchasing the right equipment to control lighting wirelessly, users can invest money in order to save themselves time.

What wireless DMX transmitters are available?

The DMX wireless system that one uses will dictate the quality of his experience. The types of wireless DMX transmitters that are available include the following:

  • Donner wireless DMX transmitter - The Donner Wireless DMX setup allows for 126 channels that automatically jump frequencies. The Donner Wireless device works on the 2.4Ghz ISM band.
  • Chauvet wireless DMX transmitter/receiver - This unit can receive up to 512 DMX channels wirelessly and can work with any DMX-512 universal controller. The unit can work in unobstructed distances of nearly 400 feet.
  • City Theatrical SHOW-BABY-6-3 - This system operates on a rarely-used Wi-Fi channel that serves to minimize any interference or jamming. This can be used as a transmitter or receiver depending on the user's needs.
  • LumenRadio LROEGTX1 - This system is encrypted and works with legacy W-DMX systems. This product is known for its long link range of up to 1,000 meters, allowing users to control lighting over a larger area.
What are some desirable features of DMX wireless systems?

Users will need to be able to operate their lighting systems free of any interference or jamming. Wireless DMX transmitters and receivers save users time and energy, but they need to be reliable. Buyers will need to scrutinize features that ensure reliability including encryption, latency, and forward error correction. In addition, buyers should pay close attention to the range over which a wireless DMX transmitter can operate in order to avoid system redundancy and ensure that the entire range of lighting will respond to commands.