Women's Short Dresses

Tunic Dresses

A tunic dress is versatile, comfortable, and easy to wear. Their classic silhouette never goes out of style and can be worn all year round. Finding the right tunic is easy as they work for any size or shape.

What is a tunic dress?

A womens tunic dress is a simple, loose-fitting dress adapted from ancient Roman and Greek tunics. Tunics have several key features.

  • Neckline: can be round, V-neck, and Nehru or Mandarin collar style.
  • Sleeves: can be long sleeve, ¾ sleeve, short sleeve, or sleeveless.
  • Slits: they often have two slits on either side at the hemline and sometimes on the sleeves.
  • Body: the body cut ranges from straight to very loose.

They are intended to be simple, casual, yet elegant, garments that work for a wide range of activities. They can also be worn as a long top.

Can anybody wear a womens tunic dress?

One of the wonderful things about the tunic dress is that it works for all sizes and body types. There are many lengths and shapes available, so it is easy to find a flattering silhouette for your body. Depending on your shape, choosing the right length and right material is key. Fabrics range from structured canvas to billowing silk. The lengths range from mid-hip to the knee. This dress style helps hide troublesome areas while accentuating the shoulders, arms, neckline, and legs.

Many plus size women believe they cannot wear tunics. Plus size women can wear tunics either as dresses or as a long top with leggings. There are a few guidelines to find the most flattering tunic. Black or other dark colors are slimming. A small floral print or vertical stripes are also ideal for plus size women. The dress should not end at the widest area. Side vents can help the material from clinging or looking stretched. An embellished or wider neckline will draw the eye up and help broaden your shoulders.

How do you wear a tunic dress?

These dresses are very versatile. They can be worn alone as a dress. They can also be worn with jeans or leggings. Since tunics are looser, they are best worn with slender or straight bottoms. This balances out the proportions of the look. You can wear shorts with a tunic, just make sure the shorts are longer than the tunic. Sweaters are also made in tunic dress style. They are usually long sleeve and are very warm and comfortable.

How do you accessorize a tunic dress?

A womens tunic dress is like a blank canvas, it lends itself to a wide variety of styles. With a few additional accessories, it can be transformed.

  • Shoes: A tunic dress works well with a variety of shoes. Cowboy, ankle, or knee-high boots are fun and flirty. Ballet flats, tennis shoes, and sandals are casual and comfortable. Heels or wedges are elongating and sophisticated.
  • Jewelry: Long and short necklaces are complimentary. Earrings and bangles help dress-up your look. Tunics can be chic, bohemian, or flirty. Your jewelry choice will elevate and accentuate your look.
  • Jackets: If you want more structure from your dress, jackets help add shape and definition. They easily change the style and level of sophistication.