Wooden Spinning Tops

Wooden spinning tops are designed to be spun at a high rate of speed, and they maintain their balance on a metal or wood point through rotational inertia. The toys are set into motion with a string or rope tied onto the axis or with the twist of a hand at the top of the axis. These wooden top toys are often painted in vivid colors that blend and whirl together as the spinning tops spin.

What are the types of wooden spinning tops?
  • Peg top: A peg style of spinning wood tops has a peg on the top of the toy. The peg is held with the fingers so that you can put a spin on it and make it move.
  • Rope-suspended top: A rope-suspended spinning top has a metal wire with a curve coming out of the top. The rope attaches to the piece of metal. At the other end, the rope attaches to a flat disc that you hold. The speed of the spinning and its ability to ensure it doesn't wobble depends on the tightness of the rope and the type of its coil. The smaller the wood disc that holds the rope, the faster the top could spin.
  • Spring-powered: Spring-powered spinning wooden tops have a metal coil inside. The coil is attached to a knob at the top. When you push in the knob, energy is transferred into the spring to tighten it. When you let go, the spring relaxes and causes the toy to spin.
What are the features of spinning wooden tops?
  • Metal point: Many tops have a metal tip on which they spin.
  • Precision-balanced: The interior part of the spinning wooden tops is precision-balanced. Some are filled with natural materials such as seeds, pellets, or grains. Others are hollow.
  • Colorful paint: The outside of spinning wood tops is often painted in vivid colors. Some of the wooden toys have a solid color while others have multiple colors made into designs. The available designs include flowers, geometric, and stripes.
How do you choose wood spinning tops for a child?
  • Select a type: Choose a top that is spring-powered, held with a disc and suspended rope, or powered by twisting a peg with your fingers.
  • Choose a size: Wood spinning top toys are available in sizes ranging from about 1 inch in diameter and 2 inches in height to more than 6 inches in diameter and 6 inches in height.
  • Select a design: Select wooden spinning top toys that have been painted to look like a doll, flag, or fruit. There are also naturally finished wood tops available.