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Xerox Printers

Xerox offers printing options designed for home and office use. These include Xerox laser, solid ink, inkjet, and LED printers. Xerox models implement features such as mobile printing, security protections, and wireless connectivity.

What types of printers does Xerox offer?

Xerox offers the following printing solutions:

  • Desktop: These have a smaller footprint and are made for individual or shared use in a home or small business environment. The Xerox WorkCentre, VersaLink, and Phaser families all feature desktop printer options.
  • Office: Xerox’s office printers are larger in size than the desktop variety and are designed for higher-volume use. They are available in the Xerox Phaser, VersaLink, and ColorQube Solid Ink lines.
  • Multifunction/All-in-one: Multifunction printers feature printing, scanning, copying, and faxing capabilities in one machine. The Xerox WorkCentre, VersaLink, and AltaLink families all contain multifunction options. These machines reduce the need for multiple devices in the workplace, so they are efficient and space-saving options.
  • Production and digital presses: Production printer and digital press models are designed for high-volume, high-speed graphic communication and commercial printing applications. Product families include iGen, Versant, Xerox Color, Nuvera, D Series, and Fujifilm.
  • Inkjet/Continuous feed: Xerox’s inkjet printers are made for creating digital print industry materials such as color books, personalized catalogs, and direct mail. Inkjet and continuous feed printers are available in the Brenva, CiPress, Impika, Rialto, Trivor, and Fujifilm families.
What factors should you consider when selecting a Xerox printer?

Here are some factors to consider:

  • How many people will be using the machine: With more people, more output volume may be required to meet printing demand.
  • Determine whether you will need single-function or multifunction capabilities: In addition to copying, Xerox's multifunction printers have the ability to scan and fax.
  • Assess the costs: The cost of using the printer is the price of the printer plus consumable supplies such as ink and toner over the duration of the printer's use.
What are the differences among Xerox printer technologies?

Xerox printers use either laser, LED, inkjet, or solid ink and are capable of monochrome or color output. Here is an explanation of these technologies:

  • Laser and LED: These print in monochrome for documents such as reports, contracts, billings, and receipts.
  • Inkjet: Inkjet photo quality is superior to laser and LED and inkjets can print on a variety of media.
  • Solid ink: Solid-ink printers are similar to laser and LED in terms of print quality and speed, but feature packaging-free ink blocks instead of cartridges to reduce landfill waste.