Yamaha 5.1 Channel Home Theater Receivers

Yamaha is an international electronics manufacturer that is based in Japan. In addition to industrial equipment and vehicles, this brand also produces a wide array of consumer electronics. Find a home theater receiver that suits your purposes within this selection.

What is a home theater receiver?

The receiver is the component of a home theater system that causes all of the different parts of a system to speak to each other. This central hub connects the various inputs of your system to the speakers positioned throughout your home theater. These components are usually black in color and generally measure about 6 inches high by 18 inches wide by 12 inches deep.

These devices can be controlled with a remote control or with the controls on the front plate of the receiver. On the front plate, you will find buttons and knobs that adjust the master volume, scroll through inputs, and select which speakers to use. There are also buttons that control settings like preset equalizers, 3D sound, and audio calibration. Receivers often have a headphone jack and auxiliary input jacks nestled into the front plate.

What is 5.1 channel audio?

5.1 channel audio is a name which is commonly given to six-channel home theater audio. 5.1 audio consists of five high-frequency audio tracks and one low-frequency audio track. When the right number and type of speakers are connected to 5.1 surround sound systems, and these speakers are positioned properly throughout the room, these systems are capable of producing true stereo surround sound.

5.1 channel audio speaker setups usually consist of two main right and left speakers. These speakers can either be tower or bookshelf speakers. A central speaker is also required and a subwoofer is optional. Two rear speakers are placed behind the seating location to complete the surround sound effect.

How do you set up the receiver?

After you have found a receiver that is to your liking, follow these steps to set up your surround sound system:

  • Remove your receiver from its protective packaging. Place the receiver on a clean, level surface where it can reach all of the input and speaker cords.
  • Connect your inputs to the receiver. Some of these inputs will use HDMI cables while other types of inputs may use different types of connectors. Check the labels on the back of your receiver to determine which inputs go where.
  • Connect your speakers to the receiver. Look at the labels on the back of the stereo to find the right places to connect your speakers. Make sure to connect the positive and negative leads to the right wire orifices.
  • Turn on the receiver and play some audio through one of the connected devices. Listen to each speaker to make sure that your speakers have been connected correctly.
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