Theater-like Sound from a DTS Receiver

A home theater receiver from Yamaha will allow you simulate movie theater sound in the comfort of your home. There are some distinct benefits to using an AV receiver from Yamaha. The soundtracks are richer in sound, which makes it a favorite for movies, music and theater applications. It is also a good option for surround sound as DTS-based tracks are more detailed than Dolby tracks.

What is a DTS Receiver?

Digital Theater Sound (DTS) is a digital audio technology used by manufacturers such as Yamaha and developed by DTS, Inc, which focuses on digital surround sound formats for consumer and commercial applications as well as theatrical purposes. Compared to Dolby Digital and Dolby Atmos standard, these receivers use four times less compression and digitize audio sounds at 20 bits instead of 16 bits. This makes the audio richer in sound and more detailed.

Which AV receivers can I choose from?

When it comes to home theater, Yamaha makes a number of different digital theater sound receivers. The following are just a few of these:

  • Yamaha RX-V995. You can immerse yourself in the rich sound of this 5.1-channel 100 watt amplifier. The five AV outputs including an HDMI connector, S-Video jack, and three audio inputs make the RX-V995 amp capable of versatile entertainment connections. Its remote control can easily be programmed to accommodate up to 13 macros, performing sequential functions with a single touch of a button.
  • Yamaha RX-A3000. This AV receiver offers 3D and audio return channel over eight in and two out HDMI connectors, CINEMA DSP 3D, HQV video quality, network functions, control via Web browser, Zone 4 digital output, and Control4 certification.
  • Yamaha RX-V381. The RX-V381 Yamaha receiver comes with built-in Bluetooth for wireless music playback and streaming music from your mobile device. It has 4K Ultra HD video pass-through with HDCP support, high dynamic range (HDR), BT.2020 compatibility, and an Extra Bass feature to enhance bass output for smaller speakers. The 5.1-channel amp has YPAO calibration to ensure optimal performance.
  • Yamaha RX-V367. This 5.1 channel Yamaha receiver offers 180 watt surround sound. It has DTS, Dolby Digital, and Dolby Pro Logic II decoders, HDMI input and output portals and a handy USB port. Use the inputs and output on your HDMI Blu-ray and DVD player to enjoy a great movie-watching experience. When it is time to switch to private listening, simply plug a pair of headphones into the amplifier to watch shows or listen to music without disturbing others.