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Things to Know Before Buying A Yamaha Keyboard

Yamaha Keyboards allow you to get the luxury feel of an acoustic piano in a digital piano. Featuring weighted keys, excellent sound quality, and a transportation-friendly set-up, you can play Yamaha Keyboards at home, church, or a formal performance.

Features of Yamaha digital piano
  • Weighted keys: For the most authentic feel of a piano, some Yamaha keyboards come with weighted key options, which make the keys feel heavier and easier to press. This allows the pianist to make their dynamic range on the instruments more dramatic, which would otherwise be impossible without the weighted keys.
  • Recording capability: Record an original composition, or play along with your recording. Most keyboards include up to six track options, so you can save many compositions at one time. You can also use the arranger feature that helps put together many compositions into one full song.
  • Built-in effects: Built-in effects make it so that you can not only sound like a piano but also harps, strings, percussion and wind instruments. Choose from more than 300 instruments and sounds on your workstation screen that will really add life to your original compositions.
  • Pitch wheel: The pitch wheel allows you to bring a certain sound up or down in pitch, so as to distort the sounds and make them interesting.
  • USB compatible: You can upload or download your compositions through the USB port during or after you are done recording. You can upload the songs to your computer and mix and edit them later on.
How many keys are on a digital keyboard?

Digital keyboards are usually shorter than normal pianos. Their key count ranges from 61-key to 76 key options. The reason for this is that keyboards are used for bands, church worship teams, and personal use, so most of the time the pianist will not use the very low keys or the very high keys that you would find on a normal piano. Those keys are usually reserved for classical performances where you would definitely want to use a real piano. This preserves the integrity of the composer's original composition.

Will my Yamaha keyboard come with a stand?

That depends on the keyboard, and if it is used or new. Some of the keyboards include a stand, and some do not. It is not hard to find a stand on eBay, though, if your package does not include it at shipping time. The same goes for foot pedals. The keyboards that need to sit on a stand have a separate foot pedal that should come with your package. Some piano keyboards also come in a console and do not require a stand. These keyboards include the foot pedals built into the console. All you have to do is plug up the pedal cord to the piano.

What is the speaker quality on most keyboards?

For smaller, 61-key keyboards, the speaker wattage ranges between 5 watts and 12 watts. For larger keyboards, the speaker wattage is more like 15 watts. Feel free to hook up your keyboard to any amp to provide more sound as you need it.