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Show Off Your Badges Made with Zebra ID Card Printers

When you need to print new identification cards, you will want to use a special printer that can handle printing a long-lasting image on a plastic card. Zebra ID card printers creates identification that can be clearly read. You can also create your identifying information on a single-sided or dual-sided badge.

What types of material do Zebra ID card printers use?

Zebra badge printers use blank card stock that is designated to be printed with thermal-based toner. In addition, some models of printers use spools of a holographic overlay and lamination sheets to cover the printed badge with an additional protective plastic coating.

How do Zebra ID card printers create new identification badges?

An ID card printer from Zebra, such as the ZXP Series, is powered by an AC adapter that is plugged into the wall. The printer connects to a computer via a USB, serial, parallel, or Ethernet cable. The design of the ID card will be created through special software that is installed on the computer. When a print job is started, the blank stock is sent through the print head of the ID card printer and starts to apply the image with a dye sublimation thermal method. The finished ID card will eject from the card printer with the adhered image. Some of the card printers have dual-sided printing and lamination abilities to add more information and protection to the completed card. Fasteners such as belt clips or lanyards can be added by hand as soon as the ID card is finished printing.

What precautions should you take when operating Zebra ID printers?

When creating ID cards with these special printers, there are some precautions to take while the printing machine is in operation:

  • Correct size: Use only the correct size and type of thermally printable ID card stock, holographic overlay, toner, and lamination material that will work with the specific model of card printer.
  • Avoid moisture: Set up the ID card printer in a location that will be away from moisture or excessive heat. Also keep printing supplies away from these same extreme conditions.
  • Read instructions: Refer to instructions for installation and repair guidance.
  • Keep printers free of objects: Do not drop the card printer or store anything on top of them, especially heavy objects. The card printers are fragile and contain many moving parts.
  • Load printers correctly: Load the blank ID cards in the hopper or feeder correctly to avoid paper jams.
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