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Print on the Go With a Zebra Mobile Printer

The ability to print on the go is beneficial in a number of different situations. This is especially true for retailers. Zebra manufactures several different models of mobile printers to meet the needs of anyone who requires the ability to produce receipts and labels from a mobile device.

What specs do these printers have?

Zebra mobile printers offer print widths that are usually three inches or less. For maximum mobility, most of these printers weigh under a pound. Durability is also important, with the manufacturer providing information on IP ratings for each model. The IP rating is an international standard that measures how well electronic devices keep out foreign substances and withstand impacts. These mobile printers are wireless and are compatible with Apple IOS, Android, and Windows operating systems, including smartphones and tablets.

Can they be used for photos?

There are several varieties of Zebra portable printers that can be used to print photos in full color. These printers can print from computers, smartphones, and tablets and usually include one or more memory card slots and USB ports. They make it convenient to share printed photos you just took with others.

What models from Zebra are available?

Zebra offers seven different series of models for their mobile printing products. These series and their standout features are outlined below.

  • ZQ300 Series: The ZQ300 Series are basic, all-inclusive models. They come in two varieties: one specialized for indoor use and the other for outdoor use.
  • QLn Series: The QLn Series has faster processing power, advanced connectivity options, and more memory for higher performance.
  • QLn Series Healthcare: The QLn Series Healthcare was specifically designed to meet the needs of medical professionals in a healthcare setting. The device is constructed with disinfectant-ready plastics to make it easier to clean between uses and prevent the spread of disease. The power supply is also medical grade as an added safety feature for both patients and healthcare professionals.
  • ZQ500 Series: The ZQ500 Series have military-grade ruggedness and design. These devices were designed to withstand impacts, water, and a wide range of temperatures during use.
  • iMZ Series: The iMZ Series was designed to be lightweight and compact for maximum mobility. They can be used for simple receipt, invoice, and label printing.
  • The ZQ110: The ZQ110 is a compact printer and weighs only half a pound.
  • The P4T: This is a thermal transfer mobile printer which allows for barcodes to last longer.
What is the purpose of mobile printers?

Mobile printers can serve a number of purposes. One of their uses is to print out labels on a store or warehouse floor. Another use is for printing receipts after a sale. Their mobility allows sales associates to make a sale anywhere in the store, which can be particularly beneficial for stores that sell larger items. These printers can perform tasks such as printing barcode labels and assisting in inventory management due to their mobility.