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Britax Child Car Booster Seats to 80 Pounds

Picking the right car seat or booster seat for your child is a big responsibility, and safety should always be the main concern when it comes to a baby or a child in a vehicle. Britax car seats and booster seats offer all the safety and security that you need for peace of mind while traveling. The Britax ClickTight car seats make installation quick and easy while still ensuring safety and accuracy.

How can you pick the right Britax car seat?

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting a child's car booster seat:

  • Child's age: Until the age of 2, children need to be in a rear-facing convertible car seat equipped with a five-point harness. Be certain your car seat can accommodate being both rear-facing and the weight of your child. Between the ages of 2 to 4, children may be placed in a convertible car seat that faces forward with a five-point harness. From the age of 4 until at least 8, children should be in a booster seat that places the seat belt correctly across their body.
  • Child's weight and height: Always check the weight restrictions on each Britax car seat. Some seats are only meant to be used for certain weight ranges. Some may only be rated up to 20 pounds. It is very important to check the weight restriction on each car seat and pick the car seat that fits the needs of your baby. Many seats may also have height restrictions, so check both restrictions before purchasing. Being certain that you have a seat that fits your weight and height needs is an important step to proper installation and car seat safety.
  • Car seat quality: All Britax car seats have met stringent quality standards. When looking for a car seat, always check for the safety label. A five-point safety harness is a protection you need for young children. Check the seat or booster's ratings. For a booster, make sure that it fits properly and that the seat belt fits your child correctly.
What are the features of Britax car and booster seats?

Britax convertible car seats and booster seats have harnesses that are easy to tighten, which is essential for keeping a child safe and secure while in their seats. Having a snug harness is an important step to keeping your baby safe. Britax's ClickTight system is a feature that helps you with the proper installation of the seats in your vehicle. Many seats or boosters are improperly installed in vehicles, so the Britax ClickTight system makes it easier for you to properly install your seat and keep your child safe. Britax seats also offer SafeCell impact protection that provides energy absorption and movement limitation in collisions that will help keep your child safe.

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